An Astrological Guide to
Dealing With Loss






by Darrelyn Gunzburg

Grief isn’t an event. It is an ever-changing process that
takes place over time. The earliest messages we receive about handling loss contribute to the way we deal with grief
as an adult and can be observed in the natal chart. In this,
her first and landmark book, Darrelyn Gunzburg explores
how by using astrology as our guide, we can befriend the notion of letting go and encounter a changed future with
focus, determination and understanding. Her particular
style, and indeed gift as a writer and astrologer, is to lead
us gently into those places where we have previously feared to venture, and find within the resources to deal with the unique and lacerating pain of grief.

'Life after Grief' is suitable for all levels of astrologer. The author draws on the Centaurs, mythology and
solid astrological knowledge to demonstrate her
points. A Centaur Ephemeris is included.


  Publisher: The Wessex Astrologer
Publication date:   August, 2004















We are told in “The Odyssey” that
before embarking on the journey home after the Trojan War, Menelaus had omitted to make due sacrifice to Zeus and the other gods. As a result he and his men and their ships were kept idle for twenty days on the isle of Pharos on the Egyptian coast,

 “in the rolling seas off the mouth of the Nile, a day’s sail out for a well-found vessel with a roaring wind astern.” 

Now this island was the home of the immortal seer Proteus, the “Old Man Of The Sea” who owed allegiance to Poseidon and kept guard over Poseidon’s herd of

   (c) D. Gunzburg, 2000